4 Ways to Add a Little Extra Warmth and Joy to Your Classroom Space

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With the temperatures dropping and the holidays approaching, many teachers are looking for ways to add a little extra warmth to our classroom spaces. With this in mind, I’ve collected a few gems of inspiration from some clever teacher Instagrammers. Scroll for some major (yet still attainable) #classroomgoals.

1. All hail the YouTube fireplace.

Simply fire up this trusty YouTube video, and get ready for instant warmth and ambiance. Everyone loves to read by the fire. It’s almost as good as the real thing.

The first time I break out the fireplace is as a backdrop to my students’ poetry performances in October. They’re usually pretty nervous about reading their poems in front of the class, but walking in to see a big crackling fireplace somehow makes that daunting task a little easier. Perhaps there are magical qualities hidden in the coals.

Ahhh, fall-time ambiance. #youtubefireplace

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Pro tech tip: Use the extended display feature on your computer to display the fireplace video on your projector screen while maintaining full functionality of your computer monitor. Right mouse click on your desktop and select Display Settings. Scroll down to Multiple Displays and select Extend These Displays. To move the video to your projector screen, drag it to the edge of your screen and it’ll cross over.

2. A little lighting can go a long way.

Fluorescent lighting can be a bit much sometimes. A well-placed lamp can make a big difference in the overall vibe of your classroom. Add in some string lights for an even cozier feel.

3. Classroom stage, anyone?

While not necessarily a quick-and-easy addition, I’m loving how these classroom stages (and those lights!) give students a celebratory platform to showcase their work. Adventures of Ms. Smith has a blog post tutorial on how to build one of these magical gems. Unfortunately I’m not too crafty and power tools are scary. So who wants to build me one of these?

4. Lit(erary) holiday decor

If you’re looking for holiday-specific decor, look no further than these adorable book trees. My English teacher heart can’t stop swooning. Don’t you just want to curl up next to these with a good book?

Happy Holidays from my classroom to yours! 🎄✨

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How do you add comfort and joy to your classroom space?


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