Classroom Organization Hack: DIY Storage Boxes

File this post under: yet another cool thing you can do with duct tape.

As a language arts teacher, books accumulate in my classroom quickly -- and the struggle for storage is real.While some books spend their literary lives moving to and from my classroom library shelves, others spend their days tucked away in a box and are pulled out once a year for a novel study or book club unit.

With limited storage options, the latter scenario has always posed a bit of an issue for me.

I realized quickly that those boxes from the copy room (you know, the ones that hold the reams of paper) are the perfect size to store 80 or so books, so I started keeping an eye out when the boxes were low and scooped them up when the time was right. No sense in buying fancy storage boxes at the store when there are perfectly good ones hanging out in the copy room already, right?

Well, for the most part. While using the paper ream boxes solved a large part of my storage issue, I couldn't get past how unattractive the boxes looked -- just sitting there all random, logo-stricken and mismatched.

I was able to hide some boxes underneath miscellaneous tables (which are covered by table skirts from the dollar store) -- but with no other places to hide, a few boxes were left to haunt me from out in the open.

And that's when my quest began: I must make the boxes pretty!

I grabbed a roll of purple duct tape I had lying around in my desk and wrapped the top of the box, just to see what would happen. Turns out, it actually looked pretty neat. So I kept taping, and before I knew it, the ugly old box was transformed into a magnificent new home for my class novel needs.

After realizing the potential I had just discovered, I ordered two more rolls of duct tape to finish the job (teal and floral chevron). Thanks to Amazon Prime, the tape arrived quickly and I was able to finish my project without ever stepping foot in a store.

And the best part: My total cost for this project was only about $6 for the two rolls of duct tape. I covered three boxes total, and I have enough left over for 1 or 2 more boxes. I also used colored masking tape for the labels, but I had that already too because, well, tape is awesome.

So if you've got a need for extra storage and don't want to shell out cash for fancy storage boxes, head on over to your copy room and stalk the paper box situation. All you'll need to transform their ugly mugs is a roll or two of duct tape!

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